Our Ethos

British Tradition | Chinese Heart | International Minds

Our Vision
In a multicultural environment our Luctonians will become well informed, articulate and confident future international leaders.

Our Mission

Lucton School Shanghai blends three centuries of British boarding educational excellence with Chinese values and culture to bring the best out of every individual, recognising their unique gifts, talents, and abilities.

Our Principles

The Lucton School Shanghai learning community is committed to:

 Excellent personalised schooling in a supportive family environment.

 A thriving co-curricular programme.

 A creative learning environment both inside and outside the classroom encouraging students to become self-learners, innovators, and future leaders.

 The development of social and emotional learning skills.

 Recruitment of the best teachers and a continual cycle of review and drive for self-improvement using the latest trends in research-based pedagogy.

 A multilingual approach that allows students to develop academic literacies as the foundation of their success.

 Creating personal journeys through education and career pathways.

 Preparing students for successful university careers and for life overseas with a transition to Lucton School UK and access to the old Luctonian network.

Our members of staff are expected to be:

 Passionate and knowledgeable teachers of their subject.

 Central to the pastoral provision in the school as tutors and aware of the pastoral welfare of all students with whom they come into contact.

 Committed to the co-curricular programme by sharing with the student¡¯s area(s) in which they have a particular interest and through providing academic extension and enrichment activities.

Our leadership team commits to:

 Support staff in best practice teaching through effective CPD with encouragement and advice from senior leadership.

 Support staff in their growth as professionals.

 The opportunity to raise and discuss any matter with senior leadership.

 The appointment to any position or specific responsibility being made on the basis of the experience, qualifications and qualities appropriate for the position with all procedural safeguards relating to fairness and employment law.

Our Values of Equity and Fairness

In our context Equality and Fairness involves:

 The promotion of equal opportunity and a sense of fairness in the work of the school at all levels.

 Recognising, valuing and promoting, as a positive feature of our community, Ethnic, Religious, Cultural and Linguistic diversity.

  Treating everyone fairly and without prejudice.

 Everyone living and working in and for the School being free from harassment, victimisation and

bullying (including cyberbullying).

 Discussing equality issues openly and constructively among and between students and staff.

 All staff, students and parents understanding the School¡¯s expectations in terms of performance, standards and behaviour.

 The removal of barriers to participation.

 The development of each individual to the full.

The School does not in its policy on Equality and Fairness

 Pretend everyone is the same.

 Give advantage to certain groups within the community.

 Encourage a lowering of standards.

 Feel a need to set quotas.

Everyone within School is expected to:

 Treat everyone fairly and without prejudice.

 Value and respect others.

 Uphold the expectations of the School and encourage others to do likewise foster team-work, cohesion and trust.

Our Learner Profile

Our vision is realised by Luctonions developing their skills, attributes and characteristics across five key areas of knowledge:

Cognitive Knowledge (THINK) describes the ways of thinking that are necessary for University level study. They include: problem-solving, critical thinking, reasoning, research, creativity and intellectual openness.

Academic Subject Knowledge (KNOW) refers to the need for students to master multilingual communication skills, mathematical concepts, key foundational content, and “big ideas” from a broad range of subjects in order to be University ready.

Learning Behaviour Knowledge (ACT) consists largely of study skills and self-monitoring strategies. They include time management, awareness of one’s current level of mastery, resilience and the selection of appropriate learning strategies such as working in collaboration, cooperatively and independently.

Social and Emotional Knowledge (BE) refers to the need for students to be compassionate, courageous, responsible, respectful and demonstrate ethical leadership with integrity.

University and Career Knowledge (GO) refers to the realisation of one’s unique pathway into their chosen field, the understanding of University and College admissions processes, international culture, tuition and financial aid and academic expectations.
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