Excellent languages skills are the foundations of academic success.

At Lucton we recognise that our students ability to speak, read and write understand English is critical to their success and we strive to ensure that all of our students are able to engage with all aspects of our curriculum, whatever their level of English language skill when they join our family. To ensure that students are fully supported to meet their potential we have devised a fully personalised ESL programme.

All of our lessons, with the exception of Chinese, are taught in English and all of our teachers, in addition to their subject specialisms are teachers of English. We have a constant programme of training for our teachers to ensure that they are using most up to date teaching methods in their practice. Our students’ English is regularly assessed and monitored and appropriate individualized support is put in place to ensure that students are continually improving. We aim to stretch all Luctonians to be better in English and our support strategies range from intensive one-to-one lessons and small group sessions to encouragement and help with public speaking assignments in our assemblies and school events and competitions. We require all of our students to live in a fully immersive English Language environment and whether horse riding at our equestrian centre, chatting over lunch in our canteen or performing on stage we encourage them to take every opportunity available to improve their English.

As an overseas British school, English as a Second Language is an integral part of our curriculum offering which is compulsory to all students whose first language is not English. Lucton School Shanghai offers high quality ESL teaching which ensures that the English capability of our students is enhanced by their academic learning.

The ESL requirement for each student will be discussed by the Admissions Committee and agreed with the parents before a place is formally offered. Students who are weaker in English will receive individual or small group tuition. Students may take the relevant English examinations (such as IELTS and TOEFL) which are essential for university entrance worldwide.

ESL Introduction
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