The regular academic curriculum, plus the co-curricular programme and the careers and university advice planning is designed to cover all the day to day needs to provide a balanced education for Lucton School Shanghai students and set them on the path to the best possible Universities worldwide.

But, all students are different individuals with a variety of targets and interests. The purpose of the super curriculum is to take students beyond the level they would normally achieve at school in specific areas and to raise the level of their ambitions and targets. Certain parts of the super curriculum are for all, others are for students with specific needs and interests. Student’s participation in the super curriculum is guided by their Tutors.

Examples of elements of the super curriculum are:
All students must be members of an academic society (Physics Club, Economics Forum etc). 
Visiting lecturer talks are compulsory if the topic fits the student’s targets.
Trips to businesses and manufacturing sites are compulsory if careers aims fit.
SAT and/or ACT pre-examination training sessions must be attended by those considering US Universities.
Intensive interview coaching is offered for all applying to Oxford or Cambridge.
Teams for Maths Olympiads and Business Challenges are drawn from those studying these subjects.
Coaching in CV writing and personal statement preparation should be attended by most students.
STEM holiday courses and other vocational events are recommended to the right students.
Vocational clinics in Medicine, Law and Engineering will be attended by those wanting these courses.
The Scholar’s Club will follow a gifted and talented programme through regular meetings.

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