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  • Lucton Post | Spring 2019 - Issue 3
    "A Pszlm of Life"by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, typifies life here at Lucton Shanghai. All our students, both old and new, are striving to leave their footprints behind in the Lucton sands.
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  • Lucton Post | Winter 2018 - Issue 2
    Happy new year, welcome to 2019 and the second edition of the Lucton Post. We are sure, you thoroughly enjoyed our first edition and are thirsty for more insights into the daily life of Luctonians!
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  • The Luctonian | Winter 2018 - Issue 1
    Lucton is a completely new family to all of us. Every morning, when the golden sun shines through the window of our campus, we will wake up and be ready for a brand-new day. Life is fulfilled and substantial in Lucton.
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  • Lucton Post | Autumn 2018 - Issue 1
    It gives me great pleasure to write the introduction of the very first edition of The Lucton Post, which is dedicated to bringing news from every aspect of school life.
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