Universities and Careers

Getting students to the best possible Universities

It is anticipated that students will move on to Universities worldwide after their three years at Lucton School Shanghai and one year at Lucton School UK. From the moment students show an interest in Lucton School Shanghai, their aspirations as far as Universities and careers are concerned are monitored by experts. The initial course offer is made by the Deputy Head who then works with the Director of Careers and Higher Education in Shanghai to ensure students are on track to achieve targets. Tutors provide continuity and ensure students’ output is as high as possible.

Aptitude tests are taken by students and the results discussed with parents to ensure decisions are sound and careers are based on interests and ability. The transition from Shanghai to the UK brings into play Lucton School UK’s 300 plus years of experience to make plans and ideas become a reality.

University visits are planned and the process of applying to Universities in the UK, USA and elsewhere moves forward.

On leaving, students become Old Luctonians and can make use of networking opportunities through the Old Luctonian Association around the world.

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