We offer a wide range of scholarships which are highly prized. They are awarded in recognition of proven talent. Lucton School Shanghai awards Scholarships in the following categories: Academic, Art, Music and Sport. All Scholarships are won in open competition and are awarded solely on merit. The candidates should satisfy the admissions entry requirements and perform outstandingly in the admissions tests. Scholars are expected to provide the School with intellectual and cultural leadership. 

Academic scholarships are awarded to the candidates with outstanding performance in academic study. The candidates should perform outstandingly in the admissions tests are require to sit English and Mathematics papers plus a subject paper in the specified A Level subjects: Mathematics, Economics, Business Studies, Chemistry, and Physics.

Art Scholarship candidates are expected to demonstrate outstanding artistic skill, imagination and ability of expression. Candidates for this Scholarship are required to attend an interview and present a portfolio of their art work. References from Heads of Art or professional advisers are required in support of all candidates. Related awards and professional examination certificates will be taken into consideration.

Awards are made on the basis of the interview. Candidates usually offer two instruments, with international professional certificates. Candidates should prepare one piece for each instrument for the interview. Ability to sing will be taken into consideration. References from Heads of Music or professional advisers are required in support of all candidates.

These awards are focused on talented performers at any of the sports played at Lucton School Shanghai. Candidates are expected to excel at one of these sports and to have reached representative level. Impressive personal qualities and leadership will also be assessed. Candidates will be interviewed and a skills test may be included. References from Heads of Sport or professional coaches are required in support of all candidates.

All awards will be made as a percentage of the tuition fee and vary annually according to the quality of the candidates. Scholars will have an annual review and be expected to have performed to expectation for the award to be carried on into the following year.

Further details of scholarships and dates and application forms will be available from the Admissions Office. 

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