2019-2020 Academic Year

Lucton School Shanghai

Annual School Fees


195,000 RMB


32,400 RMB


22,600 RMB



1. The deposit, which is non-refundable and set against the fee for the academic year, of 20,000 RMB is payable on acceptance of a conditional or non-conditional offer. Students will be placed on the acceptance list after is has been received.
2. School Fees must be paid annually. The students who transfer to Lucton School Shanghai midway should pay half of the annual school fees.


Extra Charges

Music, uniform, equestrian equipment and extra activities are additional items of cost for parents, with the exact amount of each dependent upon the stage of the student. All other charges for which the parent is liable notified to the parents from time to time via invoice or other methods.


Sibling Rebates

Discounts to brothers and sisters are allowed as follows:

20% for tuition fee

*Rebates apply to tuition fee for each academic year.


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